Need help with making a cover?

:joy: I love it!

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I hope it was everything you wanted. it was kind of difficult to make them hugging like the reference photo you sent but I think that it looks more romantic that way.

it does, I really like it!

Im glad you do. :blush:

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I Really want The Mc and the LI facing like this

But the MC has a different pose This kind!
The Li pose is still the same but he’s wearing a tux plss help :sweat_smile: :pleading_face:
(No the LI is not winking)
Please make it really realistic
Skin:Neutral 04
EyeShape:Deepest Almond
EyeColor:brown Black
Nose: DEfined Neutral
LIps:Full Round Pouty
Hair:messy sock Bun
HairColor:Cool dark brown

Anything else about her?


These is the outfit Mc will be wearing and so is the LI and Can you please make the girl outfit more… Idk Nannyish? lmfaoo shés a nanny tho

1.What genre is your story? Romance/Drama
2. What is your story about? It’s a mafia story
3. What is the title of your story? You dont have to put a title i havent decided yet
4. Would you like a realistic cover, Ink cover, or a limelike cover? LL
5. Where would you like your cover setting or color of background
A regular black space. like the sunken place in get out
6. What do you want on your cover
The MC
EX: characters? props? rain/snow/fire?
7. What do you want your characters doing (realistic covers only)
download (6)
download (7)
A combo of them but while the mask is off tears are falling
8. What is your email?

character details:
Body-Athletic (neutral 03)
Eyes-deepest upturned wide (dark hazel)
Nose-round button
Eyebrows-arched natural scar (dark brown)
Lips-full round pouty (rose light nude gloss)
Hair-sleek ponytail (blue)

can it be a large cover?

Hiii!! Can you make me a cover too? :blush:

My story genre is Fantasy mostly, with a lil bit of romance
A romance with a prince and a servant girl who has no memory of her past life. But, she teaches him archery, and there they start falling for each other.
Title is Crown Of Belleza
Realistic cover

Characters should be standing opposite, but facing each other like this.

The girl should be carrying an archery bow, and should have an arrow backpack on her backpack…
Cover should be 2D
These are the arrow backpacks and archer bow you can give to the girl :blush:

Hope its clear to you :blush::heart:

Thank youuu in advance!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blob_hearts:

Your cover is done! Check your email. Hope you like.

hey, someone comented this as a solution on my post and i wanted to ask if you still do the free drowing?

Yes I do

okay so here are the answers to the questions:

2-About a girl who runs away from her home goes to another country and meet new people as she’s trying to keep her secrets
3-What is wrong with me?
4- A realistic one
5-I want the background to be this image:

6-the characters:

no props rain, snow, or fire but I was wondering if you can also do the characters as an overlay so I can make my intros

7-I want something like alphan’s story Under your influence first cover where the boy is holding the girl’s waist, you can go and see it because I can’t really explain it, so I want something familiar
8-My email is:

thank you!

Hello again everyone, I am sorry to say that all the 25 spots have been taken and if I have not sent your cover or told you that you were part of the 25 then I will not be getting to yours. I hope you guys figure out or find some one else to create your cover. For the people who I did send covers for or going to send covers for please mention me in your guys story’s or tell you friends. I will have a different topic where you can buy pre-made covers. Thank you guys for participating in this little experiment and i hope you have a great day. :yum:


Hi Des556, I cannot thank you enough for the piece you made for me! I love it so much and already made it my cover! Its under review and hopeful it gets accepted!
Thank you,

I cannot thank you enough
wonderful artwork

hey, i just wanted to ask if I’m part of these 25 people or not?

my genre is drama and romance
description: When a girl transfers to a new school she meets the bad boy, who is also in a band. What wills they do when they catch feelings for each other, and they find out they are destined for each other. How will she deal with all the fangirls and jealousy?
name of story: the secret of notes

  • I would really like an realistic cover but ink is also fine you can choose whats for you works the best :blush:
  • I want the two main characters on the cover the LI (Joshua) holds a gitar and the MC (Jessica) is looking at him irritated like she is rolling with her eyes at him with her hands crossed
  • my email is

if you have extra questions feel free to ask because engslish is not my first langauge and is still my first story :sweat_smile:


Okay! Thank you for answering me, just text me however you want when you are ready, no rush :slight_smile:

hey, @des556 I just wanted to ask if you can tell me around when will the cover be ready just so I can know, I don’t mean to rush you or anything.

hey, @des556 i don’t want to be annoying or anything but is there a chance of you telling me when the cover will be ready or if you will draw me a cover at all because it’s been a week now