Need help with making characters lay down in beds


Hi i’m a new writer, I wanted to know how do you make a character lay down in the juvie hospital bed, and also the juvie welles bedroom?


Well, it depends on what style you are in (INK, Classic, or Limelight), but I know that in Limelight, you have to structure it like this.

@(charactername) is idle_lay_(you have the option of groggy, exhausted and awake).
But you also need to put it in the SPOT where you want the actor to go. The best way to do this is just to place the actor randomly and go into the APP and (if you have your account linked to the APP) go into your story. Go to the scene where they are suppose to be laying, then click “Directing Help” and chose “Spot finder” then position your character wherever you see fit. : )

Hope this helped!


Thank you, I will try that now!


Well if it’s in classic or ink you can see this there is spot direct already with background.Only thing you need to do is copy and paste and choose background (hope it helps)


Thank you!


actually you don’t have to go to the app directly to do spot directing, episode released the spot directing and sizing and preview on desktop a couple months ago so you can spot direct on computer !!

preview > directing helper > spot helper > then just move the character around (make sure they’re doing the lay down action, eg. @CHAR is idle_lay_exhausted


Thank you, I will also try this!


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