Need help with mini game ideas 😸

Hellooooo I am trying too brain-storm ideas for stories I want too write but I think this story I have in my mind is one I really wants to write :grin: me dont have a lot of details right now but me can say it is about fashion! I read already some stories that have fashion and me saw mini games that were cool!

But bad part for me me dont want too overwhelme myself if I adds alot can someone give me ideas what is good starter for mini game for fashion story? Thenk u :yellow_heart:


What about something inspired by Cher’s software from the movie Clueless? The readers will go through random items of tops and bottoms until they find a “match”. You could use Dara’s template to help with the coding:


me never watch that before :sweat_smile: but maybe me will watch it and thenk you so much for ur advice that is so cool :grin:

bump! need more ideas plz

Here are some pre-created mini games from people in the community:

Making script template for free

Cute crossword mini game now available (Promo)

Romantic star constellation mini game (Promo)

Cute toolbox mini game (promo)

Here’s a bit of an explanation if you want to create your own:

Now specific ideas that are fashion themed: I asked ChatGPT, and here’s what it suggested -

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boost lol i need this

these are so great! thenk you so much :grin:

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