Need help with mini game (timed choices) :'(

I am trying to create a timed mini-game where the reader/player has to make the right decision in order to continue/progress the story. If they make the wrong choice then they have to restart from a certain point before the timed ever happens. For this, I coded labels and gotos so that the player can restart from that point. The problem is that when I test out the label/goto I get a black screen with characters and speech bubbles, not in their correct places where I originally directed them to be. The only time my label works is when I place it at the beginning of the scene. I really want the label to be placed somewhere near before the timed choices event happens so that the reader/player does not have to replay the whole scene again to get back to that point.

Please help!!

I am struggling with this :sob:

Any help is much appreciated
@JemU776 @Dara.Amarie


You have to replace the background and characters right before the label because at the end of the game you changed the background to “INT. BLACK - NIGHT”.

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Okay so, If I do not change the background and kept it the same I would not have to do this step? Meaning I would not have to replace the characters right before the label.

You would still have to replace all characters where they were and cut to the zone you were in and zoom on the spot you were zoomed in.

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OMG!! :heart::sob: Thank you so much!! @Dara.Amarie I just tested it out how you suggested it and it works!!! Thanks so much!!! I really appreciate it!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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No problem :smile:

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