Need help with Moroccan-muslim culture

Hey I’m creating a story about a closeted moroccan girl who was born and raised in the US but her parents are from Morocco. I don’t think I want her wearing a hijab majority of the time but I just wanted to ask is it okay if she wears it for special events? Also her two love interests are another Moroccan-American girl and a white American girl. Are there some things I need to know about the religion to not be offensive when touching on this topic. I also want to touch on the topic of colorist in other countries so can someone help me create a darker skinned main character in limelight.

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Well, I can’t help with the religious part, but I can help with the coloured- character part!

Did you want a masculine or feminine character?

A little more on the feminine side please.

Her being a Muslim… It’s mandatory to wear a hijab and to cover her body.
And to answer your question - Yes It’s ok if she wears it for special events (Some ppl do so)

Anyways, I just wanted to ask -Are both LI female?

Okay and yes both Li are female.

Then I’d suggest you make them male.


It’s forbidden In their religion to date females. (All of them are straight)
If they do… they are NOT considered as Muslim also the society, and their family will never support them

(I know a few about Muslims as one of my friends is.
Also, there are many important kinds of stuff you should know…Maybe research more?)

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Okay thank you so much!!

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I mean… idk. I do know some Moroccan girls and not all of them are hijabis even though they’re all Muslims. One of them is also very ‘rebellious’.

Like, as far as I know/heard/seen, Muslim women and girls aren’t forced to wear the hijab even though it’s recommended(?) Especially if they live in countries where the law is free of religious influences, females are encouraged to wear it as a conscious choice, meaning if and when they feel like they’re ready.

I found a thread by a Muslim user that mentions this:

There are lots of threads that explain how to properly write Muslim characters (particularly females). You can find an index here > Helpful list of educating threads/links/topics! UPDATED

And I’m not so sure about the fact that all Muslims are straight? Like it just can’t be statistically true.

Perhaps you mean that if they are LGBTQ+, they’re not considered as part of the community and that’s how the whole Muslim world is cishet. Also, I’ve read somewhere else in the forums that Muslims are taught to respect LGBTQ+ individuals but not support them. Just a difference I thought to share.

Anyways, I’m sure that Muslim raised people that identify as LGBTQ+ exist, right? I mean, before being Muslims, they’re human beings :sweat_smile: perhaps I’m sharing too much controversial stuff and if that’s the case ig I’ll remove it

I would just take the advice that writing about LGBTQ+ Muslim raised people is extremely hard, therefore not recommended, especially if you have no direct experience with it. I just wanted to point out that not every single Muslim person is a perfect Muslim, just like not every single Christian/Jew/Buddhist/etc. is perfectly aligned with the rules of the religion, whether we like to acknowledge this or not, but it doesn’t change the reality of things.

Anyways @ZuriT, the bottom line is always to make sure that the person providing you with information actually belongs to the stuff you’re trying to represent. Which also means, don’t take this post of mine as the truth, and keep researching until you’ve found someone who’s trustworthy.