Need help with my 2nd episode Plot!

So here is everything I have down from the 1st episode onto the 2nd episode:

So basically, the MC and 3 other people get invited to a party. But they thought it was gonna be a big party. SO they go there and they end of meeting eachother. But before they can meet eachother, they hear somebody scream. End of episode.


After they hear the scream, they try to find the 3 other people. But when the reader choses which path way in at least 2 of them the MC loses her friend and brother. This is the part I need help with.

What should I do after they get lost?

I can help you

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Just input your episode idea as a reply.

Okay, first let me make sure I understand the story :slight_smile:

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So at the end of the pilot episode, the 3 main characters were at a party and planned to meet each other, but before they do, they hear someone scream. And the episode ends there?

Then in the second episode, they hear the scream and they go looking to see where the scream came from. The reader must choose the path that the characters take, however while this happens, the MC loses her friend and her brother?

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hmm okay, where is the party at?

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INT. DELTA PARTY - NIGHT - This is the Background.

Okay, so they hear a scream inside the house? Or were they outside when they heard the scream?

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Okay, um so are the readers going to choose which rooms that they are going to look into?

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And I also just had a good idea!

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They do.

Is there a specific character that goes missing first?

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Okay, so here is my thought!

So maybe after the reader has chosen a room or two to look into, as they are walking down the hall, and your main character is in front of the others walking down the hall, and all of a sudden the reader sees a hand coming from the side of the screen (but the characters in the story do not see it) and the hand grabs one of the characters! And that character gasps, causing the main character and the other to turn around and call out that characters name, and they ask each other where the other character went. But then they continue searching the rooms, when all of a sudden the same thing happens to the other character. Which causes your main character to turn around again, however this time, there is no one else with her. She is by herself. I think your character would start getting really freaked out at this point, and would begin asking other people at the party if they had seen your friend or your brother, and the people that you ask all reply by saying no.

Once she has asked several people, then she will try texting her friends, but will not get a reply. Then your character starts to think that maybe they went home, and decides to go home. But when she sees that her brother has not returned home, she decides to call the police.

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They got locked inside of the house though.

Oh, okay… Um… how about once your main character realizes that she is alone, she tries running to the door to get out of the house, and she starts banging on the door and yelling for someone to let her out! And as she’s screaming she starts to hear someone laughing and she turns around and all of a sudden a hand grabs her and the screen goes dark.

Would you want to end the episode there, or have it continue on? I have an idea if you want it to continue…

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I love that idea!

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