Need help with my cover art!

Can someone shade this digitally? I understand that this time consuming, so I’ll gladly pay commission! (Please provide examples of drawings…)

Sorry for the drawing to be a little deformed! It’s just a quick sketch!
Also, don’t worry about the background and title, I have that covered. :slight_smile:

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Oi I forgot to add details…

*The car is grey

For the girl:
*Black hair and eyebrows
*Tan skin
*Red lips
*The pants and jacket are also black
*The tank is red
*Boots are red

For the boy:
*Hair and eyebrows are black
*Skin is an almondy color
*Jacket is also black
*Tank top is white

I could try to do it if you can’t find anyone else
Here are examples of my art:

I understand this is probably not the standard you are looking for but just in case you can’t find anyone I could do it
(I take no commission)

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I’m a commissioned artist and I’d gladly help! You’ll see some examples below

You can see more on my insta: digital.elle

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Err, @EllasStorys, your art work is lovely! However, the prices are a lil’ too expensive and I’m kinda broke LOL! My fault, though. I understand that artwork is super time consuming and takes loads of effort! Thank you for your help, though!

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I have someone who might be able to help here look at our examples :slightly_smiling_face: