Need help with my dumb overlay! plz

my overlays won’t show up:

INT. PHONE MESSENGER - DAY with BLANK TEXT to 0.442 55 178 with EMOJII to 0.388 93 358
set format phonetext
&overlay BLANK TEXT opacity 0 in 0
&overlay EMOJII opacity 0 in 0

@overlay BLANK TEXT moves to layer 1
@overlay EMOJII moves to layer 2

Dab de doo, we're lit like you!

@overlay BLANK TEXT opacity 1

@overlay EMOJII opacity 1

Hey there, I think a layer at the beginning could help you there.
INT. PHONE MESSENGER - DAY with BLANK TEXT to 0.442 55 178 in zone 1 (or another zone) at layer 100 with EMOJII to 0.388 93 358 in zone 1 (same zone as blank text) at layer 200

@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0

Or whatever number of seconds you want it to appear in

All the people above me are correct. Although I wanted to ask, why are you using overlays? Using the format ‘phonetext’ allows you to write in text form. I just think it would be much easier that way :blush:

Wait how do you do that?

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phonetext doesn’t include emojis

What is phonetext?

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@Blue01.episode & @Batman54 here an example of phonetext (from my story)



How do you use it like what’s the code please :blush:


you put in your script : set format phonetext and put a background of phone


but i reccomend you using this one
and not this one
cuz if you using the one that i Don’t reccomend your text will be like out of phone


Okay! Thank You So Much!!!

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