Need help with my new story!

Okay so what kinda reasons can there be for someone’s best friend to stop answering their calls or calling them back? Like sure they got busy for a bit but you know. That’s not really a good reason for not calling back your best friend. Specifically, one of them moves away to another country in order to get a degree from college. College lasts about 4 years and maybe another 2 years for an internship. Sure they were busy with college but that shouldn’t mean that they cut off ties completely :thinking: The person who moved away cut all the ties, like stopped calling and stuff. The one home tried calling but didn’t get any response. So, got any ideas about what the reason for not calling back can be?

Something major but good happened in the friend life and the one that stop answering wasn’t invited so she didn’t feel like she was an important factor in the other friends life.

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Actually, she does find a guy but I’ve decided to make him a real nice man, absolutely perfect for her, you know.

I mean, the guy loves her so he would definitely invite and tell her about anything major that happens to him :thinking:

Maybe she gets a job in the federal gov and isn’t allowed to contact anyone for security reasons. Or maybe the one that is staying home did something to make her angry before she moved. If you want your story to have drama, you could probably play around with that. Maybe the character that moved away had a crush on her bestfriend’s boyfriend and she cut ties. I know these are really random and not good at all so sorry about that.

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Maybe the friend that stopped calling her friend because her older brother got her pregnant, and that friend has a bad relationship with him

Maybe one of her beloved family members died, causing her to move/ fall into a depressed state. Especially if she feels responsible for what happened.

Maybe she made new friends there and they were not really good people so she started spending more time with them and she started thinking that her old friend was not good or something … just a suggestion lol

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He doesn’t really have an older brother. He has a younger brother lol but that sounds really interesting still :joy:

Ooo okay so I have something in mind about a family member’s death later in the story so can’t do that early :thinking:

Oh that one sounds good actually! Thanks :blush:

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You are welcome. I am a professional writer so if you ever need help feel free to ask.

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Alright, I’ll definitely ask if I ever need any help :blush:

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