Need help with my phone overlay

Ok so I really need help with a script template for a overlay.
I want my character to be able to swipe through the 3 pictures if that is possible.



Okay, so first I see the phone is not transparent as the screen is black. You would need to cut out the black screen so the pics behind it are visible.

Then there are three ways how you can do this:

1. The reader clicks on the phone screen and the next photo appears
2. The readers clicks on arrow buttons to either go left or right
3. You merge these images into a 2/3 zone background and the reader pans around it

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Ok thank you.

Let me know if you need help with anything! :tulip:

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hi does anyone know how to post a question like this im not able to and im trynna find out how to add my own image to a background it keeps saying i need a png but i dont know how to do that i need a noose

Are you trying to post a question on here the forms and add a picture with it or a picture to your episode story.

Click on ‘Directing Help & Tips’ right under this topics title. Then there will be a ‘+ New Topic’ in the right top corner :slight_smile:

a picture to my episode i want to add a picture to my background a overlay but nothing is working keeps saying i need a png

Yeah, the picture must be in png format. That means the file’s name on your computer would have to look like “image.png” instead of “image.jpg”. There are websides that let you convert images into png format :slight_smile: Or you could post it here and I can do it for you :tulip:

ok thx u i will try that

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I may be able to make a template for you! Would you like it so the reader can swipe through the photos or just an animation of your character swiping through? If the character, then I will need the skin colour

thx you so much but im trynna send post it on this comment but its not working \

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do you think you can send me the name of the website plz

thank you so much

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You could make them tappable overlays so when they swipe the overlay goes up

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