Need help with my script! asap

I need one of my character to slide from under the covers to scare somebody. Please help.

  1. Have a bed background
  2. Place character on the bed (@CHAR1 spot % X Y in zone # at layer # AND CHAR1 faces left/right)
  3. Add a cover overlay
  4. Make sure the cover overlay is at a higher layer than the character so it’s on top of them.

INT. BED BACKGROUND with COVERS to % X Y in zone # at layer #

  1. Place the character higher, so they show and copy those new coordinates into your script. You’d make them come up like this: @CHAR1 walks to spot % X Y in S AND CHAR1 does it while nonwalking_animation THEN CHAR1 is another_animation
  • I highly suggest to leave the %-contols height-and X-moving left, right-unchanged and only change the Y, which controls up, down movement (ex. having the character go up or down)

%, X, Y, S, # - must be replaced with numbers (S stands for the time, in seconds)

For the direction, must pick either left or right (not both)

nonwalking_animation = pick a non walking animation that exists so they slide up.

another_animation = a random animation the character does when they finished sliding up (one that exists).

Hopefully I didn’t make this more confusing, if you have any questions, feel free to ask :heart:

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Closed: Marked as solved by op @Justheaven :yay: Thanks to @JemU776 or the help :v: