Need help with my script error please

Okay so I’m trying to do an animated intro for my first story and I can’t figure out the problem. Can someone help me?

I wrote down," &overlay SOUNDS AND MUSIC shifts to -350 0 in .3".
And it comes up as a Warning and says it’s not a valid directing command. Can someone help me with this issue. I’m still new at this so I’m getting the hang of it as I go. Please help me and thx. :confused:

So what’s happening here is you added AND in your overlay name. The system confuses this part of the name with the command AND and it brings up an error. So my advice would be to upload the overlay again and rename it, excluding the word AND.

Oh okay thank you so much i’ll see if it works. Again i’m still new to this so thank you for the help. I’ll update you if it works.

Thx it worked.