Need help with my South Korean character!

hi! if you’re South Korean, i would greatly appreciate it if you could help me with a character for my story.

the character is named Cha Kyung-sam, initially just Cha Sam, but i saw that Koreans have three names (last name-first name-first name) so i added Kyung. she lived in South Korea until her parents divorced when she was 14 and she and her father migrated to the US and obtained citizenship. it’s important that she has Sam in her name because she needs an English name for foreigners to easily address her (she’s a business woman). and also, what happens to her name when she marries an American man?

can someone please clarify this for me:

  • is the name Cha Kyung-sam realistic? (because i googled it if there were any real people and there were none)
  • i know that family names are at the front first, but when she marries a US citizen, does her name become Kyung-sam Cha-Andrews (she’s going to hyphenate)

if someone could help, that’d be great :sneezing_face:


In my opinion, Cha kyung-sam is not a very realistic name for a korean :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: it’s okay if you write someone’s same until it’s not a public figure :grin: So i would recommend to give Kim juhoo- sam :yum: If the name is not okay for you then, you can change it to something else :innocent:

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ooh i like Juhoo-sam. does Cha make it sound unrealistic? because i’d like to keep it but if it doesn’t seem korean, i’ll pick a name that’s not too common but not too rare

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No it’s realistic :yum: You can keep that :blush:

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okie thank you so much for your help! :brown_heart: :brown_heart:

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My pleasure honey :innocent:


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