Need help with my story and writing together

I just need somebody to help me out and writing together as well. Like writing, codes, and overlay. Please let me know and thank you.


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Thanks but I need someone to help me. I have a hard time doing it my own, I am not very good at English or make codes or overlay. It’s stressed me out. That is why I need partner writing together.


How about trying to give a bit information on the kind of story you are planning to make. Just a small blurb of what the story is about is fine. That way you find the right coder to help you!

Good luck with your search


Hey, are you willing to pay the coder?

If you still need some help I can help you I guess :thinking:

Yes please inbox me thank you.

What price?

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I can help

I just need help with code and overlay. That part hard for me and thank you!

Sure! Inbox me?

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You want a co-writer?

5$ per large episode and 4$ per small episode and there will be discounts because my birthday is coming up!! :innocent: :kissing_heart:

Yes please

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Inbox me please

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How many?

Sure :kissing_heart:

What do you mean?

Bonjour, je peux vous aidez à faire le codage si vous le souhaitez. En échange j’aimerai beaucoup que vous lisiez mon histoire ( “Le Sacrifice” )et que vous me donniez votre avis. Si vous êtes intéressé, contactez-moi.

I don’t understand I am sorry