Need help with my story description and story title

Hey everyone I need some help with a story description and a story title for my new story I’ve been working on for a while now. I’m looking for something catchy that will draw readers attention. If you have ideas or can assist, please comment, Thanks! (: :blue_heart:

Plot -

Florence, an actress framed for her parents’ murder, escapes before her trial, evading one of the best detectives on the force, Castiel. While undercover, she searches for clues to uncover the real person behind the murder. As Castiel delves deeper into the case, he uncovers startling secrets that will forever alter both their lives. Determined to put Florence behind bars, Castiel risks his career to capture her before his deadline expires.

I just need some help making it sound better and shorter

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For titles check out this:

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Thank you🫶🏼

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And about description, you can tell your story’s main idea you want to have on the description and usually people when read it they can understand the story better and help with it

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How about this?
An actress escapes her trial to solve the murder she was framed for. How much will one detective risk to put her behind bars and uncover secrets that will change everything?


Oooh! I actually really love it, thank you so much! :blob_hearts:

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Hey, I want to find a story that I have read like a year ago or so. In this story the female love interest is named Diana and something happens so that we get stuck in a jungle and I remember that a snake bit and that Diana helped me in talking off the poison, I remember also that we got stuck in a cave or a grotto and that’s it. I think that in the beginning of the story, my body and I were at a party and that the bodyguard killed someone that had a weapon but I’m not sure.

Plsssss I need to find this storyyyy