Need help with my story description, thank you

Hello lovely people, I need help with my story description.

So the plot is like this
Its about a girl named Ana and she is very beautiful but never mind. Okay so one night in a club she meets this handsome as hell boy named Marko. And they liked eachother very much. But the next day, she found out that her older sister Nadja need to marry Marko to save her fathers company. So she is angry at first, but then she meets his best friend named David and they also kinda liked eachother but would they be a good couple? Would she still love Marko, or would Marko be jelaous at first?

Okay so thats the plot, please help me. Thank you, may God bless you. And thats it.


Ana and Marko instantly had a connection. But, when Ana finds out that her sister must marry Marko, what will she do? When Ana meets David, Marko’s best friend, well… what could happen?

Feel free to fix it to your liking :grin:


You are the best! THANK YOU! may God bless you!

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u what? I dont really understand that description

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When the stars aligned for Ana to meet Marko, everything seemed perfect. Until she found out that her sister must marry him…

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Thank you angel

This one is amazing

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Awwww… thank you 🥲

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