Need help with my story: Grammar and spelling



Can someone help read my story and fix errors in coding, grammar also help along with plot?

Story name: Pay Back
Story plot: Husband is having an affair and his wife finds out so plans to get her revenge.
Style: Limelight


I’m on it! :grin:


I message you :slight_smile:


I would love to proofread your story, but can I choose some of the outfits plzzz.


I already got someone doing that so don’t know if that be fair to them also why do you want to pick some outfits?


I just like choosing and matching different outfits.


Maybe you can send me some outfit ideas and I could give you credit?




I actually stopped that story now


Which style is it?
Can you tell me what event do you want me to style.


Sorry but I gave up writing limelight story and stuff


Oh… Okay:slightly_frowning_face:


Sorry :zipper_mouth_face: If you want, if I have any stories I ask you to make outfits?




I don’t have any stories yet but I tell you