Need help with my story 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

I feel like a lot of stories have that concept. Just when the MC thinks they’ve found their true love; somebody else shows up.
Maybe add someone from somebody else’s past? Maybe an Ex from the abusive boyfriend or Justin?
Or a sibling?
Maybe a mom?

So when you say your finding it difficult to add in small interesting details, do you meaning have sub-plots?

Yes, very true! All my ideas are so cliche, it’s just hard to think originally after reading so many other episode stories. Also, I was thinking the origins of her dads abuse could spout from the fact that her mother died giving birth therefore he blames Scarlett for her death. I’m not sure the cause of her abuse from her boyfriend yet, but I was thinking his father or mother could possibly abuse him therefore he takes it out on Scarlett to make himself feel stronger and not weak or worthless…? I’m not completely decided on that part yet… :grimacing::grimacing:

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Yup, mostly.

Well I think if you stick with idea above of showing why the bf is abusive you could maybe do it through flashbacks? Like each episode has a flashback of him so we slowly start to learn.

And you mentioned a step brother, right? So it would be cool to show how they’re family came together and show any dramas that happened before MC and step brother started getting feelings for each other.

Definitely a good idea! I don’t just want to paint her boyfriend out to be some sort of monster whose sole purpose in life is to hurt her, i want to incorporate backstory and flashbacks from his life so the readers can understand why he is like this, without justifying the abuse, of course. I was thinking the step-brother’s mom could be a possible addict and that is why he is living with his dad, step mom and step brother. I think incorporating flashbacks of how the step-brothers mom ended becoming an addict would also be kind’ve interesting …? Still not sure about that though…

I think you’ve got a pretty rounded out plot. Definitely will be dramatic. And as long as the flashbacks all make sense and join up, it should work well

Definitely! Tysm for you advice and suggestions!

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I just had to say this: THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF CLICHE!!

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My story is cliche? :woman_shrugging:

no I mean making a mean girl black mail the mc. It’s an overdone storyline. I’m tired of the popular mean girl having issues with the MC for NO REASON or because of the hot guy or something and basically trying to ruin her life. And the mean girls life basicallly revolves around the MC

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Oh, oops sry, I didn’t see that you directed it towards someone else :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: and I totally agree!