Need help with my story

Hi guys
I’m having a really hard time creating dialogue and stuff for my story. I’ve heard of making points on paper for each scene. Like the main stuff of what goes on.
Anybody got any examples to share? Please
Thanks everyone

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Dialog is tough, even for the most crafty writer, because you can’t create the unknown.

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I’d be happy to provide some examples!

My current story is a murder investigation, so I discovered a chapter pattern for usage. By doing so, you have fresh ideas for each chapter. What I do, is have a murder every two chapters and come up with a title regarding the murder itself. Like… “Bite Me” for chapter three, someone was found to have been slipped a pill while interacting with a woman dressed as a vampire.

If you’re talking more widely, I’d say have one major event each time- and ensure you have a cliff hanger.

For my own, chapter one was composed of (in order of when it happens)…

  1. The first murder.
  2. Title Page
  3. Introduction to the main character
  4. Entry of the new house
  5. Go to diner, where its revealed the main character and her sister had “killed” someone.

Chapter two was a lot calmer to give readers a chance to compose themselves…

  1. Title Page
  2. Wake up, introduction to some of main characters issues
  3. Go to school
  4. Meet new friend group
  5. Meet love interest
  6. Find out about murder

And then chapter three was the second murder.

For the dialogue portion, first identify the character speaking’s personality traits.
Such as someone who is sassy may say…

SassyCharacter: I didn’t catch your name!

RudeCharacter: I didn’t throw it.

SassyCharacter: Then fetch.

RudeCharacter: Excuse me?

SassyCharacter: If you’re gonna act like a dog, you’ll be treated like one.


TimidCharacter: I didn’t catch your name!

RudeCharacter: I didn’t throw it.

TimidCharacter: Ah, oh… (reacts in an awkward manner, evidently nervous)

Hope this helped!

RudeCharacter: I already know your name. This time you fetch, and I’ll go hide and see if you can find me.

Sassy - bewilderment then
SassyCharacter: If you’re gonna act like a dog, you’ll be treated like one.

Rude (and dumb): Oh, so, I’m the dog? No chasing your name? I just go get the stick? Where did all the other dogs go after they got the stick?

Sassy: Well, they were supposed to come back. They must be hiding somewhere along with my last 3 ex husbands. MORONS!

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Rude: Did you happen to kill those three husbands?

Sassy: You’re about to be next on my list.

Rude: You have a list? Wow, I wasn’t expecting such organization from someone, like, umm, you. What’s at the top of the list? Your name? You should write it inside your underwear too, that’s what I do so when I have these hot flashes and black out and find myself chasing… STICKS! Where did you put them?? I’m calling the cops!

Sassy: Where did I put who? Your three dead husbands?

Rude: No! Well. Wait! I thought it was your turn to hide! You mean you have three dead husbands too? We should totally start a meetup for single ladies dealing with absent husbands.

Sassy: Like a support group? Well, I know a psychologist who might be willing to give us some guidance.

Rude: No way! It’s gotta be a Psychiatrist not Psychologist or Counsellor… Maybe even a Lawyer would work… We need “Client Attorney Privledge”! Haven’t you ever done this before?

Sassy: Fine. Fuck it. You can have the stick. My name is Sarah.

Rude: Ok then, I see how it is… we’re gonna go that route? Where are the husbands bodies?

Sassy: I’ve never been married.

Rude: Oh, me neither…

(Both look up at the outline of the plot wondering when, and if, they will ever be allowed back into the script…)

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Perfect demonstration of on point dialogue creation. :grin:

For me the best stuff pops up out of the blue when least expected. But, back to Bama’s original topic, some of the best ideas can come from total strangers. I like to go a step further at times and roleplay it.

KCPopcore - that was fun! :smile:


This is the same for me. I already have the general storyline, but when I have to piece it together each episode. I kind of go with the flow that would make sense.