Need help with my upcoming story

Hello and good day. I need help with something. I’m planing on writting a story and I don’t know what title should I give. I need some suggestion.
The story I’m writting is about two broken souls who don’t believe in love anymore. But the destiny had another plan for them.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Two Broken Souls
Along the Way
Our Destiny
Our Fate
Two Lost Fish
That’s all I can think of :sweat_smile:


Wow! Thank you for help​:+1:t2::smile:

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Here’s some suggestions!

  • Hearts of Glass
  • Brokenhearted
  • The Repairment of a Broken Heart
  • To Reunite with Love

These are good too! Excellent job😊

Broken In Love
Mended Hearts
Destiny’s Plan (double meaning=what if your MC’s name was Destiny?)

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If you like my suggestion you can use DESTINED FRAGMENTS


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