Need help with name template

I can’t remember who’s template I’m using sorry if you know let me know so I can put credit… Also what am I doing wrong?

I think you need to add a label name
label first_name_input
input What’s Your First Name?|What’s Your First Name?|Done(FIRSTNAME)

if (FIRSTNAME is “”) {

You do need a name...

goto first_name_input

} else {

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Will it show as the name they picked?

Have you tried it on your cell phone. Because it will not show up on your computer

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It worked. Thank for the help! :blush:

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Your welcome :slight_smile:
What is the name of your story?

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Caught In Love I just started (not sure if it sounds cliche :joy:)

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I don’t mind cliche. I know a lot of people talk about stories being cliche but it depends on the person’s liking.
When you post it let me know, I would love to check it out.

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Okay :blush:

Or you could just write this:

No need for all that extra stuff surrounding it :slight_smile:

So, in the script, you would write something like:

Nice to meet you! I’m [YOU].