Need help with new story

Hey, I’m not new to episode but I’m new to episode writing. I’m trying to start a story, but I have kinda…half-writers block. Like, I have some ideas but I have no idea how to get my story started. Any tips or tricks?

WRITE AN OUTLINE! Don’t float around from idea to idea until you get stuck and give up. Figure out where to start and where you want to end and then fill in the blanks.

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Moved to the Community Resources section as this isn’t a scripting question. Welcome to Episode! :slight_smile:

That’s sorta the part in stuck on. I can’t get out of writers block! Its hard trying to think of new story ideas.

I suggest you first choose which genre you wanna write and write your plot out, this might take from one day to a week! But writing your entire plot out helps so much trust me! And if you don’t know what to write about then reply to this comment with what genre your interested in and I’ll pull up some ideas and prompts to get you started. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I don’t really have any story ideas, but I think I want to do an action, thriller or mystery, any ideas?

Ah Yes! My favorite genres well looks like you asked the perfect person :grin:
Wait for a bit and I’ll think of some ideas and reply to this,

Sure! Take your time :slight_smile:

You can write stories using the following starter ups

  • You get a call you have won a million dollers but theres a catch (and continue it and form what “catch” you want it to be)
  • You meet a new girl at school but somehow no one else has ever seen this girl ever (And form the rest of the story)
  • Your mc wakes up on the side of a deserted road/highway with no clue to where she is and she had nothing on her except a single phone number written on her wrist. (The form who the person with the number may be)
  • Your character suddenly began to receive detailed letters from his/her parents who died 3 years ago (The form who the letters are from and what they contain)
  • Seven people (can be friends?) are pulled together by fate (or by a murderer) and are sent mysterious calls to arrive at a certain place they then are scheduled death times two weeks apart. They have to find out who’s killing them off and how they can prevent this.
  • Your boyfriend starts acting weird and off all of a sudden (What happens to him? Please don’t make it be that he was cheating on her with the mean girl and suddenly the story is an episode cliche :joy:slight_smile)
  • You live alone ever since your parents died what happens when one night your getting ready to sleep when you see a weird car parked outside your driveway then suddenly the doorbell rings (Who was the visitor and do they mean harm?)
    Hope these gave you some ideas and helped you.
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Thanks for the ideas! Im thinking about some of them :wink:

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Glad I could be of help. If you do use one of them tell me I would love to know which!

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