Need help with organizing clothes

I was wondering what are your ways of organizing all the different clothes? Like I have no idea what and how to name them and everything. Such chaos!!

Let me know your best way, maybe it might work for me

xoxo Ambar

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I always put my character name with the clothing i want for him or her to make it much more easier for me.

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Well, I do something like
And it goes on…


Usually around how many outfits do you have per story?

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oof. A LOT! Let’s say 20+

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damnn okayy
thanks thoo

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okaayy thankss
nice profile pic btw!!

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lol np :wink:

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Thank you!!!

Usually, I do [CHARACTERNAME]_[OUTFITNAME]. Usually something like: YOU_casual, MC_winter

I pick numbers or abrevations as an outfit name and write down what they mean/ how they look on a separate paper, so I don’t have to type a long name into my script.

I also put my characters name with the clothing I want for him or her. I have the most outfits for the main character. Any close friends or love interest that play a huge part in the story get less outfits but still get changes of clothes. Everyone else I just pick them one outfit. Any extra outfits I just want to create or have the characters buy in a store I put on a mannequin character that I make.

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