Need help with outfit changes

Well it doesn’t say there’s an error, but the outfit won’t change, if that’s what you mean? And it’s okay you’re still helping out :slight_smile:

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that’s a bit strange, i think you should do:

@CHAR is dustoff_loop

@CHAR changes into outftname

          CHAR (talk_happy_somethinglikethis)

but i don’t really know what the problem is, maybe the previewer is messed up? maybe you could restart your devices?

however, i DO know that @Dara.Amarie or @Apes may be able to help because they’re vv helpful.

other than that, i’m really sorry but i don’t know :frowning:

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I just fixed the coding because apparently you’re not supposed to just exit you have to let your character walk off screen, but the outfit still won’t change and the script says everything is perfect. Maybe the portal just isn’t working?

Have you tried playing through it on your phone? Maybe its just an issue with the web previewer :thinking:

Yeah I think the previewer must be messed up :confused: because I’ve even watched Joseph Evans tutorial videos and I’m doing everything exactly like I’m supposed to. Thanks for the help though :slight_smile:

I think everything is okay did you see if it’s correctly written the name of the outfit?
Try deleting it , saving and writing it again and saving again

I hope it helps :sparkling_heart:

I did everything and even fixed the coding, nothing. Must be the previewer :confused:

Oh alright but are you previewing in the computer? If yes try in the phone :slight_smile:

I tried both, nothing lol :stuck_out_tongue: I feel like I did something wrong for some reason just can’t figure it out

You can use walks to zone 4, even if the background has 3 or fewer zones :wink:
Double check your outfit (if it’s not the same) and I think you should try to change your character on screen

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oo thank you

Try something like

@CHAR previews outfit OUTFIT

Hey if you look up for a script template of dressing game you can’t do it there and then paste it.

The thing is I’m writing it in the classic style, would it work?

he has ac classic one i think on his channel

There’s a bug with changing outfits in Classic at the moment

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Wow it’s been going on for a month then I assume? The post is from almost a month ago :confused:

Yes… and I can imagine how frustrating this is :expressionless:

You can rant here :joy: :
Be reasonable rant. (Classic bugs)

It sure is :joy: thanks for the help though I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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