Need help with outfit choices please!

Thanks for you help guys :slight_smile:
Having trouble saving now (but that’s my net playing up lol) fingers crossed be sorted soon :smiley:

IT’S WORKING!! :smiley: :smiley: YAY haha
thank you guys, much appreciated!

If you do a clothing choice scene, will it be remembered when continuing a new ep/chapter (just checking, not sure how long my scene will yet to know if it needs to be remembered haha

If you want it to be remembered, you need to give your choice a name.


choice (NAME)
“Jumper and Jeans” {
@KYRA changes into KYRA_date1

Check out: DARA’S GUIDE: Remember Choices with if/elif/else

According to that thread “Name your choice by adding the name next to the word choice and put it inside parentheses. Choice names cannot have spaces: they can only be consisted of letters, numbers, and/or underscores.”

Here’s an example:

What would you like to wear?

choice (OUTFIT)
“Blue Dress” {

@YOU changes into Blue_Dress

} “Red Dress” {

@YOU changes into Red_Dress

} “Green Dress” {

@YOU changes into Green_Dress


Bla bla bla…

And then, to have it remembered:

if ( OUTFIT is “Blue Dress”) {
[scene for Blue Dress choice here]

} elif ( OUTFIT is “Red Dress”) {
[scene for Red Dress choice here]

} else {
[scene for Green Dress choice here]

Hope this helps : )

Also, you’re welcome :wink:

Me again lol
I want the other character to change her outfit, but it won’t let me because of the labelling?
On the left hand side of screen in script tools error box it says “Duplicate Label dressing_game”

You need to give the label another name.

So, can change to:
label dressing_game2

And remember to change all the gotos for the 2nd dressing game to goto dressing_game2 (so add that 2 at the end) If you forget to do this, then the goto(s) will lead back to the first dressing game.

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HI guys
What’s the label I use if I want to use a choice game for dates to ask questions about each other?

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