Need Help with Outfit Script

Hey there

I was working on the outfit and " I got the error which says this line does not have matching", I am confused what is wrong in the script, please help :pray:

Line 420, put one of the } on the line before

On which line?

470, sorry
Where there are two }

Okay I did that

It didn’t helped, I still have same error

Can you show more of your script?


Add a } on line 464 and one on line 523

I did but still its not working

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This might be because your gain AMANDA_NEW_BASIC # has a space between the “BASIC” and your #. Gains can’t have spaces.

Okay I’ll work on it and let u know

That really helped me thank you so much <3 <3

Thank you so much for helping <3 <3

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