Need help with outfits and backgrounds


sooo someone up for helping me and @DIAMOND1PANDA at doing outfits and special bc if so pls dm me we aprecciate all your help


join our writing group (just not writing)


I can most likely help from time to time :smiley:


ca you send me some examples like for use to see your clothing style


Yeah give me a sec :blush:




Here are a few lol


i like your style but do you do them in limelight stylebc we are working on that


Have not done much in limelight but in some of my examples I picked the outfits


can i see some?


There are some examples of clothes and covers here :smiley::joy:


ok i like it I would totally thank your help


when can you start making them?


Hi @majo_epi! I would love to help you with outfits whenever I can. I’ll PM you some examples. :slight_smile: