Need help with outfits/coding

Ok, so my character is in default clothing at the beginning of my script and i want her too change into another outfit but every time I make another outfit and put “@CHAR changes into PJS” I would go preview my story and it wouldn’t have the default clothes. Is their a way I can change that?

u want ur character to back in their default clothes?

I have like one scene where my character is her default clothes so I made an outfit for another scene where my character wears something else and when I reload too preview my story in the first scene she’s in the outfit I made her change into. I’m trying too figure out if there’s a way I can change that. If this makes any sense.

Just make her change back to her default outfit by @CHAR changes into CHAR_default for that scene, if you don’t want to go through a hassle to refresh the page.

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Thank you!!

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the script remembers the outfit change so unless your character changes into another outfit it will remain in the outfit he/she/they were last in. Putting @CHARACTER changes into outfit_name will make the script understand / know that the character is supposed to be in that outfit. I hope that makes sense. LOL. :woozy_face:

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