Need help with outfits!

hey lovess

So i’m going to be writing a story and need some, could I possibly get help?
It’s LL

I need a girl and boy outfit, that looks like the olden days kind of and also looks like dirty… (For kids)

Other normal oldern clothing? For children of both sexes and a woman.

Thank uu :sob::sob:


There are Victorian dresses for female characters, not sure about being dirty.

Also I suggest you post this in Creator’s Corner in Art Resources, before the moderators see it and flag you.

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What era of “olden days” are we talking about?

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not too long ago, but like the 1900s

Hey shifter I miss u

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Fashion in the 1900s changed very drastically very quickly. If you can give me an era or set of years I might be able to help :slight_smile:

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hey shifter :heartpulse:

@Gwen-Bruce thank you for your help, I think found some good outfits :heart:


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