Need help with overlay error!


Hi! So, I have been having a lot of trouble with overlays… As you can see in my script, it keeps telling me that what I am putting is not “valid directing codes” but I followed @Dara.Amarie in her overlay guide step by step! I don’t know what the heck I am doing wrong… Can someone help me??


What exactly error say?


One sec let me take a picture…


Ok so my computer isn’t working lol so I’ll just copy and paste…

The first one says " @overlay THEMES AND LANGUAGE shifts to 18 243 in 3 is not a valid directing command." and the second one says “@overlay THEMES AND LANGUAGE shifts to 321 249 in 3 is not a valid directing command.”


I had the same problem last night… I think the problem is in “AND” it’s confusing the script, it thinks it’s another command. I had this overlay which was approved a while ago, but I used the first time yesterday and I got exactly the same error as you. I ended up changing its name to a different one :sweat_smile:


How do you change it’s name?


You have to delete one you have and upload once again but name it differently, avoid using AND :sweat_smile:


Okay, thank you so so much! I was like panicking because I had looked up like a thousand guides and followed them step by step but it kept giving me an error! I really appreciate it!


No problem! :smiley: