Need help with overlay placement

What I’m trying to do is have the camera pan to zone 3 with the wheelchair and character already seated on the chair. I’m also asking how to seat character on overlay.

Thanks in advance

@CHARACTER spot [spot] in zone 3
@overlay WHEELCHAIR REAR SIDE spot [spot] in zone 3
@pan to zone 3

place them in zone 3 before you make the camera pan

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Thank you. I’m going to try it

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I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but it’s not working for me

what’s wrong?

So I tried to do what you told me by putting the chatacter to sit in the wheelchair after the first character entered in zone 1. However I don’t know how to spot correctly if I can’t see the next character in zone 3. Sorry that it’s been taking me so long to get it, I’ve been having a hard time using overlays

put @cut to zone 3 when the scene starts, then spot your characters. after that you can just delete the code when you’re done. and no worries, i’m here to guide you through it!!