Need Help with Overlay Please!

Hey everyone! I’m in need of a free blush (:relaxed:) overlay for my story. It has to be png and under 1MB, so, if anyone has one and won’t mind me using it in my story, could you please share it with me? And if you know any free png website names I would totally appreciate if you can share their names with me.



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Thanks! By any chance do you know why does Episode doesn’t let me use my overlay?

What do you mean?

It tried to upload my blush overlay but it simply doesn’t let me select it.


My image is under 1MB

hmmm I’m not sure. Is it showing up in your overlay screen? Does it say pending or anything?

Hmm no it doesn’t say anything, it just doesn’t let me click it

Should I try with other image?

That’s weird. Have you tried refreshing your page?

Hmm, I’ll try.

Nope, it’s the same. :joy:

I think I’ll just change the image in case anything is wrong with it.

Thanks so much @TamiRose!

Alright. You’re welcome :blush:

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Closed: Marked as solved by op @AshminnaDominika :v: