Need help with overlay script..!

Hi…! I am having trouble how I can make my overlay already in the screen with-out it appearing from now-where?
this is my code
@overlay PANCAKE create
@overlay PANCAKE shifts to 133 54 in zone 1
@overlay PANCAKE scales to 0.130 0.130
@overlay PANCAKE opacity 1 in 0.0

Remove in 0.0 maybe

it still pops up :\ like I want the food overlay on my table

Did you place it on the table

yes !

Use & for the shifts and scale

I did that and the food still coming

So its appearing a little after ?

You can paste the code a bit b4 the scene you need it in so it will already be there


sorry me don’t understand?

Copy the code a little bit before you need it but it has to be in the same bg if that doesnt work then Idk sorry

Add “in 0” at the end of all shifts, scales, and opacity commands and use the & sign for all commands.

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ts still appear and not how I want it :confused:

Can you show a screenshot of your script? It could be you placed the overlay commands after other commands, when it should be before some commands.

Or if you want the overlay to appear right at the beginning of the scene, then add the overlay with the background name.

INT. BACKGROUND NAME - DAY with PANCAKE to 0.13 133 54 in zone 1

This is the issue, the command on line 3 is happening first since you placed the overlay after that command. Either place the overlay before that command and be sure to use the & sign

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it works now…! hehe I get it now, thank-you :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:

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On line 3 you used ‘is’ instead of ‘starts’. ‘is’ creates a 1 second delay before it continues, ‘starts’ has no delay. Whenever you use ‘is’ and don’t want a delay, you need to start the line with a & instead of a @.

‘in 0’ is unnecessary for overlay commands as they have no delay by default.