Need help with overlay :)

Hi! Does anyone know how can I make this fire overlay move to look like the fire is starting or something like that, but not to stop. Like I need it to move till the scene is over. Im new to this so any help will be lovely :slight_smile:

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I have no idea but maybe there are some tutorials on YouTube!?

I tried to find it but there is nothing :sleepy:

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Never mind, I figurate it out. Thanks

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No problem :wink: even though I didn’t do anything :sweat_smile:

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You need to loop your overlay actions like this

&overlay name of overlay goes here opacity 1 in 2 then overlay name of overlay goes here again opacity 0 in 2 loop INFINITE times

This command will make the overlay opacity keep changing until you remove it or you change scene.

You can loop any overlay action by putting “loop INFINITE times” at the end but be sure to use the & symbol because the script won’t move on.


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