Need help with Overlay!


So when I go to place my overlay in a certain spot, my numbers is to small to see on my phone to know the exact place to put it. I can just barely make out the numbers but I’m not sure if I use spot directing for it when putting the overlay beside the opening scene or if I use scales or shifts. I’m not sure. Anyway all I’m asking is how to put overlays in a certain spot. Help please!


Try using the web previewer spot director. It gives you the numbers under the screen instead of on it.


My web previewer doesn’t work. It just shows a black screen. :frowning:


That’s odd. Is there any kind of error message, or is the screen maybe zoomed in for the previewer?


No, it’s always been like that. It’s never worked on my computer. I don’t think its worked with any of the computers I’ve used.


Yeah it does that on mine too, but I think it’s because my mackbook was made in 2005 so I use my other one. There is a thread on how to spot overlays already though.


Screenshot, then go in gallery and zoom the picture and see the numbers of the overlay


Are you using Google Chrome as your browser or something else? Some other browsers won’t work right.


I use explorer. I have chrome but I never really use it cause it messes with the speed on my computer.


I’m not all sure what year my computer is but I bought it in 2014 and I bought it as new.


How fast does it run??


That could be why it does not work. My ITEC professor always told us not to use Explorer, only Chrome.


Fast-ish. Like I’m not waiting a crazy amount of time to do one thing. I probably wait maybe 15 seconds before anything pops up


That’s the thing. I’ve used my mom apple laptop and she only has chrome on it and even then it won’t work. I don’t understand.


For me it doesn’t work on explorer, so then I used chrome and it worked😄


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