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Hello, my name’s B612 Resident. I’ve been reading on Episode for a while. I just published my own story like 2 days ago. I have some questions regarding overlay. I’d like to ask how to make two characters stand on the opposite site of an overlay (for example: a counter). How to make on stands behind an overlay while the other stands in front of it. Thanks for anyone who helps me. Also, if you have time to check out my story, called “Rouge Storm” by B612 Resident and give me some feedback, I’ll be grateful.


Use spot director


You have to layer your characters and overlay accordingly. The character behind the overlay has to be at a lower layer than the overlay, and the character in front of the overlay has to be at a higher layer. Ex: character behind overlay should be at layer 0, overlay at layer 1, character in front of overlay at 2


Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you for clear instruction. It really helps me :slight_smile:


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You’ll need to layer the characters and overlay.

You can either write it in the name of the background and characters’ spotting:

BACKGROUND with OVERLAY at layer #

@CHARACTER spot scale x y in zone # at layer #

Or you can “move” them to a layer:

&overlay OVERLAY moves to layer #

&CHARACTER moves to layer #

layers can go from 0 to any number you want and can be also negative (like -1 for example)


I didn’t know the value can be negative. That’s good to know. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Hi @B612_Resident and happy to see you make it to the forums! Can you please confirm if the issue you were having has been resolved? Thanks a bunch!


Yeah, some nice people already helped me with it. Thanks for asking.


Thanks for the reply and always happy to hear that the community is being helpful! Closing thread and thanks again! :peace_symbol: