Need help with overlays and backgrounds






Problem with cat overlay:


Issue with cat overlay:


You have added a background as an overlay in the first line of your code. It should have been
INT. MIRROR DAY with MIRROR OVERLAY in zone 1 at layer 2


The first one with the mirror I’m afraid I don’t understand what you need help with.
But the cat, is that you’ve written the commands wrong.
You can’t shift the overlay in the background command, it has to be in the text. Also, you write in the overlay the same way you would when spot directing a character, first the size then place and height on screen.

INT. LIVING ROOM with LITTLE BLACK CAT to 1.0 221 218 in zone 1 at layer 3

The command to shift an overlay’s written like this

@overlay LITTLE BLACK CAT shifts to 221 218 in 0

I think if you just change the cat one, the error will be solved.



Thank you! I add this instead later :slight_smile:


It’s okay, I realised I didn’t really explain my issue with the mirror. Anyway thanks, I add this on my story later :slight_smile:


You’re welcome.
I really like the cat overlays btw. Especially the white one. :sparkling_heart:



It was by someone off instagram bio but forgot sorry but I try to find out for you.
It’s cute, I know :cat2:


Thank you, but that’s not necessary. Don’t go to any trouble on my account.
Should you happen to come across it again, maybe you can just throw me a message, if you still remember.



Oh okay, well hope you have a good day x


You too.


Aw thank you. My birthday is soon by the way :slight_smile:


Then Happy Birthday (in advance) as well.



Aw thank you! Do you have instagram?


Sorry, no, I haven’t. :pensive:
Maybe I’ll get one when I’m starting to put up my stories,



Oh okay.
Hopefully you do also what’s you stories about?


Depends on which one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I have several I’m working on. None really readyfor publication yet though.
The one I’ve been working most on lately was along the H & V contest theme. I’ve been working on the script for some time, but hadn’t yet put it into code until the beginning of the contest. Was hoping it’d be ready in time, but it wasn’t. Still needs a bit of work.
Before that I’ve worked most on a drama about six friends going on a camping trip. Drama, secrets coming into light etc,
As a slave of my own thoughtsI really have a hard time keeping to one script.
How about you, is this your first story?



Well yes it is but I kinda decided to stop writing it as I rather get used to writing so writing a new story


You can always go back to it later when you’re more used to coding, if you feel ready.
As I said, I’ve worked on several already, put so far published none :upside_down_face:
Both writing and coding at the same time’s kind of hard, isn’t it. And the resources at hand doesn’t always match what you wish you could do. Sometimes I think I should just code, but that wouldn’t make much of a story…
Good luck with your new story.



Yeah, I probably will come back to it after Time is finished as it be stressful writing two stories at once.
It is quite hard. I know, it sucks. Yeah well maybe you could help people with the coding or maybe have a writing partner.
Thanks :slight_smile: