Need help with overlays and clothes?



Hi guys. So I really need help on overlays and one clothing item. This is it.

I’ve really looked for this black male ink muscle tee forever but I can’t seem to find it. Have they taken it off episode, or is it hidden or something?
Secondly, I’m trying to get an overlay that’s used in the story 5 days. That’s a cover of the story.
Can anyone help me with this overlay? Here is an example from the story.
It basically fades in and fades out without the scene changing, but characters stay within the bubble in a different scene like shown in the picture, and then the characters and scene and speechbubble dissapear at the same time.
I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me with these. Thank you guys!


The shirt is the Henley Shirt (White). It is the whiter colored one, not the more tinted one.


The overlay is some custom overlays that she made (or someone made for her).


Ahh thank you!!


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