Need help with overlays for my intro

Hello! I’m doing an intro for my story, I want the title to pop up, last for a few seconds and then the shrift should like zoom and fade (Like jump out of the screen I hope you know what I mean)

You can do this.

@overlay OVERLAYNAME create
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in # of seconds

then add the shift/size and scale. Can be seen below the web previewer.

@ause for # of seconds

Then resize the overlay to how big you want it to be when it get closer to the screen.

Then after the pause, copy the shift and scale of the resized overlay.

You can use easing functions.

@overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to x y in zone # using easeinout/easebounceout. For more information about the easing functions, search it on the portal. :smiley:

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@pause i misspell that all the time lol :eyes:

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That’s often the error in my script. face palm

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