Need help with overlays hurry plas

Where do you want to put the overlay or is it in another scene

So most of it is the end of a choice where both choices fade out and then lead into the scene where the car rolls in. (After EXT. BRICK MANSION - DAY)

Okay, so you want to add the purplr car overlay on the next scene when azalea drived home right?

Try directing the character first, then you can add the overlay later after you place the character.


Which way do your character/car enter from?


Draft of script
@transition fade in black


@pause for 3

@AZALEA enters from left to screen left in 3 AND AZALEA moves to layer 0 AND AZALEA faces right AND AZALEA is cry

@AZALEA starts stand_up

@AZALEA is cry_sniff_loop

(I am sick of feeling this way..)
(I am sick of feeling like I am nothing..)

The # was just so I remember the overlay.

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Add in the bold part (and of course change OVERLAY NAME to your overlay)


Sorry I have to change a bit of the script. Plz check the things I added in. ^

For overlay, you can’t have screen left/right or anything like that. You have to enter a spot nunber.

I’ll try it.

Sorry here are some errors
OVERLAY need to be small, no capital
@overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts
The spot is wrong. You’ll need to open overlay helper from directing helper in preview. Then copy the whole line of code and paste it in your script. Like in the picture below you copy where it says @SILVER spot ### but on yours it should say @overlay OVERLAYNAME spot ###

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