Need help with overlays please

i havent been on for awhile and it was all perfect and for some reason now its not. she walks behide the chair but when she stops shes infront of everything

INT. SERVANT KITCHEN OL - DAY with TABLE SIMPLE at layer 2 with CHAIR at layer 1 with CHAIR1 at layer 1 with DINNER3 with SUSHI1 with DINNER5

@CODY spot 1.280 160 -2 AND CODY moves to layer 0 AND CODY faces right AND CODY is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear AND overlay 6540809011986432_CHAIR shifts to -195 -27 AND overlay 6540809011986432_CHAIR scales to 1.936 1.936 AND overlay 6540809011986432_CHAIR1 shifts to 171 6 AND overlay 6540809011986432_CHAIR1 scales to 1.270 1.270 AND overlay 6540809011986432_DINNER3 shifts to -21 117 AND overlay 6540809011986432_DINNER3 scales to 0.262 0.262 AND overlay 6540809011986432_SUSHI1 shifts to 198 115 AND overlay 6540809011986432_SUSHI1 scales to 0.414 0.414 AND overlay 6540809011986432_DINNER5 shifts to 102 72 AND overlay 6540809011986432_DINNER5 scales to 0.424 0.424

@CODY is idle AND CODY faces left AND CECILIA3 enters from left to screen left AND CECILIA3 moves to layer 0

i already did that so many times. why i am posting this on here

Don’t use “enters from”. That command places characters a default layer. Instead, place her offscreen with the layer you want her at, then have her walk to a spot onscreen

how would i write that

@CHARACTER spot 1.280 -100 0 in zone 1 at layer 0
@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.280 70 0

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thank you
how come the coding keeps changing
i had everything set right