Need help with overlays!

Hi, It’s my first time using overlays and I’m having some trouble. I need a text overlay to rotate into the scene, but I can’t shift or scale it cause the overlay helper can’t move it, it’s stuck on default.

I had no trouble with the overlay before that, but this one doesn’t move or scale

IDK how to help but you ask @Dara.Amarie or go to her thread, for help

You have to remove the number sequence from the beginning of the overlay SOUND

Thanks a lot

Thank you

Do you mean the sequence of scale and position

No the numbers in front of the overlay name

Oh, thank you😄

My overlays are finally working.
I’ve been offline these few days, but I changed my whole script due to new ideas and when I tried the overlays again it worked

I really really appreciate all the help I’ve received.
And how you went out of your way to help.
Thank you all so much