Need help with picking a summary and title

Plot Summary #1: You didn’t have the best reputation at Middleton High, but now you’re given a fresh, new slate. Will you change for the better or will you go back to your old roots?

PS #2: You’re trying to start the new year off on the right foot but what happens when stuff from your past such as drama and people suddenly starts to creep up on you?

PS #3: You don’t have the best track record/reputation around but life decided to give you another shot. Will you take this opportunity?

Title Ideas:
1: A Fresh New Start
2: The Move That Started/Changed it All
3: New and (Hopefully) Improve

If you have any other title suggestions then feel free to share them with me.


plot one and you should name it “a fresh start” :two_hearts:


I like plot one more. Also, here are some title ideas:
. New Beginnings
. Starting Again
. Round Two

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I like plot summary two the best
Title ideas:
Confessions of a Former Bad Girl
New Year, New Me

I love the first title. Thanks.

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I think you could just do “New Start” it’s simple but cute and would look good for everything! :white_heart:

Thanks for your suggestion.

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Not sure about which ps you should pick but the second title for sure….:ok_hand:t3:

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