Need help with placing characters when it pans to zone 3 the character don't show then they come up i don't want it like that i want it like when it pans to zone 3 the character's will be there


I am having trouble with placing these charcter’s
sound ext_campus_day_busy2
@SANDY stands upscreen left AND SANDY spot 0.928 84 202 AND SANDY faces right
@YOU stands upscreen right AND YOU spot 0.968 167 190 AND YOU faces left

    SANDY (talk_neutral)
So [NAME] lets go put our books in the locker and then we will have lunch

@speechbubble is 117 319 to 67% with tail_top_right
YOU (talk_agree_happy)
Okay lets go.

@pan to zone 2

@SANDY walks to spot 0.386 181 403 AND YOU walks to spot 0.374 230 410

@SANDY is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear AND YOU is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear
@pan to zone 3
@BRANDON spot 0.384 38 399 in zone 3
@BRANDON faces right AND BRANDON is laugh_chuckle
@ALEX spot 0.406 130 385 in zone 3
@ALEX is laugh_giggle
@JOJO spot 0.245 189 465 in zone 3 AND JOJO is read_book_open_neutral_loop
@SHARON spot 0.538 93 270 in zone 3
@SHARON faces right AND SHARON is talk_sarcastic
@MELIS spot 0.565 159 262 in zone 3
@MELIS is talk_exhausted


U have to put:

@CHARACTER spot (spot number) in zone 3

Like that :blush:


but there’s like 5 character’s


Go to Dara @Dara.Amarie or Apes @Apes page they have bunch’s of great templates, scripts, etc and they sure can help you out with it. Literally everything there to help you out or if you have instagram: here are people you can go into their google drives for templates and scripts as long as you credit them or in fact go to @kylie_writes and check out her writing tips on her story which is very helpful. There are tons of people there that you can go to their page with template, script, etc and even Kylie got her own tips as well.

Sorry, not very much advance with these scripts as well.


thsnk you so much for your help


Hey, try this instead:


isn’t this the same as mine?


I switched out the @ with & and made some very minor changes
Trust me, it should work ; )


I’m gonna have to inform you next time for help on my script. You seems to be good at it, are you?


Thank you for your kind words : )
I don’t know if I’m that good but I do try my best at helping and there are many amazing directing tips that I like to use :wink:


Well that’s very understandable. But like some new-ish oldish writer like me, we have to learn and practice to get better on these scripts and templates to become a better author or a writer. Although it will take times and hours to make every story line, coding, directing, plot, etc better.

Are you an author and writer?


Moved to Directing Helps and Tips since it involves coding. If you have questions about anything, feel free to PM me and make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:


Am a writer : )

I agree with this! We don’t become coding experts overnight, but it takes a lot of practice. It took me some time, too, and like many, I started with Joseph Evans’ tutorials.

It does take a lot of time working on our stories, but as we improve, the episodes can be directed much quicker :smile:


:grinning: That’s absolutely true. At least that’s something we can agreed on.