Need help with placing characters where

So I have a character the bad boy Jeremiah and I want him to stand at left screen and some bumps him I want him to fall. How do I do that.

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You want to code the characters walking on the spots at the same time and use a THEN command on the spot they “hit” eachother and then do the fall animation. So I don’t know how your camera is set up, but since you want HIM on the left, he’ll start at -150. And the other character will be at 450, since they have to come from the other side. So:

&JEREMIAH spot 1.28 -150 0
&OTHERCHARACTER spot 1.28 450 0

That sets them up, then you put in these long animations here:

&JEREMIAH walks to spot 1.28 140 0 in 2 THEN JEREMIAH starts faint
&OTHERCHARACTER walks to spot 1.28 160 0 in 2 THEN OTHERCHARACTER starts faint
@pause for 4

Those values will change depending on where you want the character to be and where in the background they are, how close you want them to be, how quick you want them to get there and how long you want the pause to last, so you’ll most likely have to change the numbers. The ones I’ve given are just examples. Lemme know if this helped ^^

It work thank u so much I appreciate ur kindness

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Of course! ^^ <3


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