Need help with plot (Sci-Fi)


I’ve been building a world for a sci-fi story since forever. I’ve recently decided to put it on episode but I’m not completely sure on the plot I chose. I’d love it if someone was willing to let me bounce ideas off of them. Preferably someone that’s into sci-fi as well!

Let me know if you’re interested (also what sci-Fis are your favorites) so I can DM you! I’m not very into romance so that won’t be a focus point by the way.


I think @lanafrazer_episode is into Sci-Fi but I could be wrong (:


@Zey is more into sci-fi than me.


Hey there, feel free to pm me for ideas. I may help you with some!

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Tysm, I will!

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I could help! If you need anymore help, you could pm me or dm on instagram

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I’d be happy to consult.

I actually have a science fiction tv show in development and I’ve been a fan for decades.

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