Need help with point system. Please help!

Hi! I want to use the point system for my two LIs. How do I code the point system with one LI and with two LIs?

LIs names are: Haydon and Kieran

Thank you for helping!

Adding/substracting points:

@HAYDON +1 / -1
@KIERAN +1 / -1

Then when refering to the amount:

if (HAYDON<2) {
Looks like you're not on good terms with Haydon...


You have more points with Kieran than Haydon.

If you want to diplay the points for the reader, here’s a guide in how to do that:
How to: display character points

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What if I only want to show when the reader has gained a Love point for let’s say for example Haydon for picking a flirty choice vs ignoring him where the reader would not gain any points?

You can do that by using reader messages. Example:

Do you like football?
"Correction: I LOVE football!" {
Correction: I LOVE football!
readerMessage Haydon likes your response! with messageTitle Haydon +1
Glad to hear that.
}"Is that where they kick a ball into a net?" {
Is that where they kick a ball into a net?
readerMessage No points gained...
That's soccer actually...
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I’m still confused

You mean the message that pops out at the top of the screen? That’s a reader message.
Or what’s the issue? :sweat_smile:

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Here I’ll show you:

Someone told me the coding like this but I’m getting an error. I don’t know how to fix it.

Do you have a character called LOVE HAYDON? If you want to count points with Haydon you can just use @HAYDON +1

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No my character’s name is Haydon

Then you have to do it like
and not

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Yes I changed it to that :blush:

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Does it work now?

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Yes thank you :blush:

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