Need help with props/animation

So I’m trying to make my MC carry a moving box and walk away with it.

At first it “seemed” successful but when I review the scene, she appears to be holding the box even BEFORE I wanted her to and then next thing you know the box is on her chest and she looks like some wannabe transformer.

Please help :sob:

It was basically like

@add propname to MC

and with the animation

I also can’t seem to make her walk with it?

I’ve had to remove the entire thing but I really would like to add this to my scene.

I’m lost as to why it shows up before I intended it to.

Thank you to anyone that can help me.

If you replay the scene before you removed the box, maybe that’s the reason she still has that box? :thinking:

Well I’d like her to have the box but no the box is no longer there.

What I meant was that when I wanted the box to show originally, it had shown BEFORE as well as when I wanted it to show. (e.g: she gets up after “packing” and has said box in her hand.) :sweat::sweat_smile:

Can you copy and paste your script here?

Well I had deleted it since I had to fix the box appearing in every scene due to it.

But here, I’ve redone what I did.

@MELODY is tinker_kneel_neutral_loop_rear

@pause for a beat

@MELODY is standup_neutral

@add Moving Box to MELODY

@MELODY is idle_box_carry_neutral_loop

The main problem is that it shows her carrying it around even before this part :frowning:

If you didn’t get to the point that remove the box of your character, that maybe the reason why it’s appearing everywhere

did you remove the box before replaying previous scenes?

I did. I was going to make her exit left while carrying the box and then onto zone 1 (she was zone 3) she would be re-carrying the box until she exits zone 1.

That was what I had planned, but yes I did remove it after she exits but it still shows way before I intended her to.

Here’s what I’d do:

@MELODY is tinker_kneel_neutral_loop_rear

@pause for a beat

@MELODY is standup_neutral

@MELODY starts idle_box_carry_neutral_loop

@add Moving Box to MELODY

I tried that before but for some reason it still shows before.
Like when she’s tinkering and before that she still has the box. :sweat:

Well then, like @Apes suggested, have you given MELODY the Moving Box before?

Oh thank god… @Apes

Thank you guys, I managed to fix it. I really messed up there. :sweat_smile:

I really appreciate you both helping me, I thought I was going to have to leave readers imagining there lol

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