Need help with props asap!

Hey so im trying to make my character get a “file” from a box. Now I do the tinker animation and make him turn around. The problem is, is that once he turns around the prop just disappears. Is there a way to show it, or is it like how u can’t do more than 1 animation with this prop. The coding is shown below.


Maybe the issue is because you didn’t use any pauses after adding the book prop?!

Perhaps write it like this, instead:

&RYAN is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear AND RYAN faces left
@pause for 1.5
@add Text Book Closed Navy Blue to RYAN
@pause for 1.5

&RYAN is idle_book_closed_neutral_loop

^ The pauses will help it too appear as if he’s searching for the book, before he locates it and takes it from the box.

thanks alot for responding, but it didnt work for some reason (pain)

That’s weird… because I just tested it in the portal with one of my own characters, and it’s working fine for me.

You can very clearly see the book in his hand!

Try deleting the spaces between the prop and the book animation .

As well as maybe make it look like this

@RYAN is tinker_loop
@pause for 0.5
@add book-prop-name to RYAN
@RYAN is book-animation

Yeah, this happend to me aswell, but once i try to make him turn around the book dissapears.

Unfortunately, it does the same thing :smiling_face_with_tear:

That’s even more weird… because it’s still working for me! :flushed:

Did you accidentally add the code to remove the book prop, perhaps?!
If not… then maybe it’s your browser that’s slow to load things, or something?! You could always try it out in the app, rather than the portal… just to see if it’s actually working for you, or not.

Woah?! Ok ill just keep on troubleshooting and it probably is my browser, thanks alot!

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