Need help with Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

Hello, I am having trouble with remembering past choices. Errors do no show up but for some reason when I test it out on my laptop and on my moblie device, a black screen shows up. I have reset my story progress on my moblie device but still just a black screen with only dialogue. Any help will be much appreicated. I also have reviewed my coding an I do not spot errors. Below are screen shots of my script. Thanks again.

Here is another screen shot of the second part of my coding/script.

The last one doesn’t need to be elif, it should just be else by itself.

So it’d look like

if (pj_outfit is “Cozy”){
@PRIMROSE changes into PRIMROSE_pj4
}elif (pj_outfit is “Some Skin”){
@PRIMROSE changes into PRIMROSE_pj3
@PRIMROSE changes into PRIMROSE_pj5

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OMG Thank you so much!!! :+1: Just tested it out and it works!!:laughing:

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Hello, sorry to be a bother again. The first time I tried it out it worked but now it doesn’t. I even tested it out on my mobile device and still a black screen every time.

Is it the black screen that’s an issue or the outfit?

Did you have any zooms prior that you may need to reset?

If it’s neither of those and it worked earlier, I would just file a ticket to support - there have been lots of glitches lately.

Thanks so much for your help!! You were right, all I needed to do was reset my zoom that I did in a prior scene. Thanks again!!

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Yay! <3 You’re welcome

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Solved and closed. :smiley: